Tughlaqabad Fort, New Delhi – An Architectural Enterprise of its Kind

It was the ninth and supposedly the last day of my stay in New Delhi. The feeling of nostalgia had already surrounded me and I had started feeling like home there. My days spent at the heart of India had been very good, among which I enjoyed the day spent at the Safdarjung Tomb the most.

As it was the last day of my stay in Delhi and I had my train back to Bihar in the night, I decided to go on a trip to the Tughlaqabad Fort. I didn’t want to make me tired as the journey ahead to back home was quite long. I decided to reach at the Tughlaqabad Fort at 10 am in the morning and be there till afternoon.

Tughlaqabad Fort, New Delhi

Tughlaqabad Fort, New Delhi | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

I booked a cab which drove me straight to the Tughlaqabad Fort. I got down as the taxi driver pointed me towards the fort. The Tughlaqabad Fort is an architectural marvel built in the Tughlaq Dynasty. Being such an old monument, the fort is little worn out as it could be clearly seen. But the Government has taken good care of the fort and has managed to keep it special till today. Like me, there were hundreds of other visitors present at the fort too.

There lie the Ghiyasuddin tomb, which was supposedly built in the 14th century and it is no less than a great structure. The Tughlaqabad Fort reminds of the Khalji architecture, which basically laid its focus towards the color patterns. There is an arch-opening on three sides, which are tinted with a decent color combination. The dome is rested along long beams, which are yet a few of the other striking features of the structure.

Tughluqabad Nothern View

Tughluqabad Nothern View | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

The fort is one of the oldest architectures of India and it bears the rich testimony of the Delhi Sultanate. There are stone works and art all over the building, which reminds of the skilled architecture of the bygone era. There are number of other monuments in the premises of the Tughlaqabad Fort too that enhance the richness of the entire area.

I had a mesmerizing time at the fort, which was glazing even after being ruined over the time period. I finally bid good bye to Delhi and carried my backpack down to a street-side restaurant.