Going to the Gym Regularly: How and Why?

Many if not all health associations around the world have accepted that a regular fitness regimen is necessary to pursue an effective life. Our average intake of calories must not exceed our daily work output or we will steadily gain weight.

Obesity is a problem not only limited to the developed world but with the expanding service sector in developing countries like India, people are getting out of shape. Burning calories is not the sole aim of exercise though. It has many positive impacts on health apart from control of weight and metabolism.

Gym Workouts

Gym Workouts | Image Resource: zipheal.com

Try not to overdo things. Start with the minimum amount of time you can give to exercise in a day. But try to be regular. You can exercise for as less as 15 minutes a day but you need to do it for at least 5 days a week.

There is no substitute to regularity. Regular exercise is the key to a better body and a better mind. In order to improve your metabolism you need to make fitness improvement a priority in your life. Metabolism affects your overall health and even determines longevity. If you exercise regularly the Center of Disease Control gives you a five year above average life expectancy.

Try to do a mixture of exercises. Do not over focus on muscle development or weight loss. You have to find a balance between the two depending on your body type. It is essential that you consult a fitness trainer, your family physician and also a nutritionist for designing a balanced diet and a good fitness regime. The two complement each other.

Another very important thing is to stay motivated and pursue exercise as a way of life. If you go to gym regularly but have a stressful work schedule you will sooner or later adversely affect you health. Develop good habits. Control or do away with alcoholic beverages which add on weight or are highly addictive. Eat fresh and drink a lot of water. Water helps the body to detoxify itself and hence boosts metabolism, reduces risk of metabolic disease and keeps the doctor away from you.


5 Fitness Apps That Actually Gets You Results

My auditing work has made me focus more towards applied mathematics and sciences. But I am a tech-savvy person, who is also a fitness freak. This is actually a surprising combination. I love to experiment with my smart phone and this interest landed me into finding beautiful apps, which can actually help to keep the body fit.

Here is a list of the apps I discovered lately. Guys have a look into this and explore the world of fitness at your finger tips!

Weight Watcher’s Mobile – ‘Weight watchers’ is a company that runs its unique name in fitness and exercises. It has created its smart phone app that fits best for individuals who want to keep tabs on their calorie consumption. You can set this app to count down your calories every day or every week.

Hot5 – This newly developed app is the latest of the year 2014 and the number of download is simply increasing day by day. You can work out simultaneously by watching the videos! Just download the app from iStore and enjoy the free videos on your iPhone. The Android version doesn’t support this app unfortunately.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps | Image Resource: amazonaws.com

Health.com – Health.com is a unique portal that provides its own application for smart phone users. In this app, you can get inspiration everyday! Here you can set your own fitness goals and target how much you want to lose in a single month. All in all, it is a hard diet book for all individuals who love instant and interactive features, GPS technologies and fitness tips.

Zombies, Run! 2 – Yeah, you read it right! Zombie is a gaming app but its presence is also felt in the world of fitness. In this app, you can complete mission, save friends, kill enemies which in turn jogs up your level of competition and imagination. This kind of app works very well among people who are passionate for games and fitness freaks!

RunKeeper – RunKeeper lets you track your progress over time. It helps you to achieve your targets by setting parameters. Its easy layout presents a very good way for planning and practicing tasks!

You may try any of these for a better life.