How to Nurture Healthy Friendships at Workplace?

The workplace is the arena where you spend most part of your active life. For a working class woman like me, it is essential to have an environment conducive for constructive functioning at the workplace. As an auditor my job demands clarity of mind and errors are completely unacceptable. It is thus also important for me to have a group of co-workers who are ready to co-operate with me at all times. There are a few tricks which I have learned over the year as professional regarding workplace co-worker relationships, which I believe can be helpful to all of you.

Friendships at Workplace

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The first and foremost thing is to differentiate between a friendship at work and outside work. You are free to share even the most revered secrets of your life with your best friends outside work but at the workplace it is not the wisest thing to do because of the inevitable peer competition. Your secrets and weaknesses are the strengths of your peers.

Co-worker Relationships

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The next best thing to do is being involved in brainstorming sessions as much as you can. If you can afford the time without compromising your own duties, then you are free to help others. This habit helped me develop many long-lasting friendships at work and also made me a better human being. You can also develop trust and portray yourself as a leader in the workplace by making yourself available at the hour of need.

Healthy Friendships at Workplace

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Another important thing is to keep your individual projects and ideas to yourself. They are the keys to your higher career trajectory and hence, you would never want other, even your competing friends to use them as a ladder to climb above you. You can always help others but maintaining a healthy competition is the key.

All in all, the most important balance that is relevant for every workplace friendship between peers is that a balance between healthy competition and constructive cooperation be struck. Cooperation develops trust among co-workers and helps everybody, even the enterprise to grow, but too much cooperation can interfere with your personal goals. These are some of the tips for healthy friendship at the workplace.


Travel Quote of the Day

Travel Quote

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Apart from being a geek in science and mathematics, I am also addicted to traveling. Nothing can be best than spending some time exploring the beauty of nature. My road towards trekking along the beautiful side of nature would never stop. Sit on, wear a helmet and start the gear! My bike just goes on and on…

Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir – Famous for Snow Leopards

We had already explored a wide range of exquisitely beautiful and diverse places in the state and were coming to the end of the trip, which made us a bit sad. Nonetheless, we had enough time to sign off with our last destination, which was the Hemis National Park. Being located at a high altitude, it is also known as Hemis High Altitude National Park and is located close to the eastern part of Ladakh. We knew that it is famous throughout the world for being the ideal place to spot a snow leopard and that too inside the wild.

Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir

Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir | Image Resource :

Experts say that it holds the first rank in the list of protected areas having snow leopards in high density. It also holds the credit for being the country’s only national park to be located above the Himalayas. We could clearly spot a number of snow leopards roaming freely in the wild and felt really lucky to have the opportunity to capture them with our DSLRs. The best thing about the park is that the picturesque location is surrounded by the Indus River on the north and parts of Zanskar Range, Rumbak, Sumdah and Markah on different sides.

Snow Leopard - Hemis National Park

Snow Leopard – Hemis National Park | Image Resource :

My friend, who was a big fan of facts and dates, told me that the park was established in the year 1981. The Hemis National Park in Jammu & Kashmir currently holds the record for being the largest national park in the southern part of the continent. We knew that there were numerous holy chortens and Tibetan gompas, who resided inside the park. The locals informed that more than 1,600 people reside inside the boundaries of the park.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park | Image Resource :

The Hemis National Park receives the maximum number of pilgrims and tourists during a festival known as Hemis Tsechu. The park is abounded with alpine shrub meadows and lands, alpine tundra and pine forests. Some of the most popular animals found inside the park include the snow leopards, Tibetan wolf, Eurasian brown bear, red fox, mountain weasel, Himalayan mouse hare, Himalayan marmot, etc.

We also did some bird watching and found some extremely unique species of birds in India. We left the park with a heavy heart to be back to our scheduled life the very next day.

Food of the Week : Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri Dum Aloo | Image Resource :

Kashmiri Dum Aloo : Who will not say NO to potatoes? And a tasty recipe with potato surely I would vote for that dish. Kashmiri Dum Aloo has become my all-time favorite when I tasted it first during my friend’s treat. A little sweet and a little spicy here and there is the specialty of this dish!

Jehlum Resort Jammu – Perfected to Offer Best Hospitality

We could not believe our eyes and stood dumbstruck walking out of the platform, thanks to the exquisite beauty of the place. We could clearly spot the massive snow-capped mountains at far-off places. The weather was extremely pleasant as we were visiting during the summer, which was going to change. The freshness of the ambience combined with the smile of the local people and the unmatchable beauty of the surroundings clearly made me skip a bit. We had booked our stay via online at the Jehlum Resort.

Jehlum Resort Jammu

Jehlum Resort Jammu | Image Resource :

We knew that it was one of the best in town and thanks to the wonderful reviews given by various tourists. We hired a car from the station in order to reach the resort. The route from the station to the resort was simply a mind-blowing one. The lush-green outfields basking in the light of the sun peeping out of the massive mountains can’t be described in words.

The Jehlum Resort Jammu is situated close to the Bahu Plaza at Gandhinagar, which is extremely popular as a tourist destination. We were greeted warmly by the hotel staff and immediately felt as if we were in our very own home. We had booked two separate one-bedded deluxe rooms as both off us wanted to be completely cut off from anybody. I was extremely happy that we had booked our stay at this hotel.

Jehlum Resort

Jehlum Resort | Image Resource :

The elegance of the architecture and the warm hospitality of the hotel staff were simply amazing. After relaxing for a while on the couch, I chose to freshen up and have something for lunch as it was already 12 pm and I was feeling extremely hungry. Both of us met in the lobby and proceeded to the multi-cuisine restaurant food.

Jehlum Resort Room

Jehlum Resort Room | Image Resource :

The restaurant at the Jehlum Resort Jammu was good and we chose to try a combination of Mughlai and Indian dishes. I must say that the restaurants are extremely well decorated and maintain a team of trained and experienced waiters. The food was equally delicious as well. We dozed off after returning to our rooms. In the evening, we decided to take a look at the nearby places and markets.

Image of the Week : Apharwat Peak Gulmarg

Apharwat Peak Gulmarg

Apharwat Peak Gulmarg | Image Resource :

Description : Situated near Alpather Lake, the Apharwat Peak is a must go for any adventure lover. Your Kashmir visit isn’t complete without a visit to this peak. The breathtaking views of the snow clad mountains and steep cliffs will drop your jaws. No other trip can get you closer to Mother Nature. At the peak I literally felt on top of the world.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar – Largest Tulip Garden of the Continent

The next destination in our list was the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar, which was also known as Model Floriculture Centre in the olden days. It is considered to be the largest of its kind in the entire continent. It is named after the first woman prime minister of the country and boasts of a wide range of tulips.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar | Image Resource :

We were really spellbound by the massiveness of the garden and came to know that it was spread over an area of around 12 hectares. We had to travel towards the foothills of the Zabarwan Range, which also enabled us to have a mindboggling view of the renowned Dal Lake. It was Ghulam Nabi Azad, the former CM of the state, who had done all the hard work in conceiving, conceptualizing and finally creating the entire garden. It came into existence in the year 2006 and the main aim was to increase the scope of tourism and increase floriculture in the beautiful Kashmir Valley.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden | Image Resource :

The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar is situated at a height of 5,600 feet above the ground. We were left speechless with the large number of tulips extending over the entire garden. We could see that the beauty of the massive garden was further enhanced by a number of Mughal Gardens such as Chashma Shahi and Nishat Bagh on different sides. It is located as if in the shadow of the massive mountain ranges near the Dal Lake.

Tulip Garden Sringar

Tulip Garden Sringar | Image Resource :

Since it was in the end of summer, we could explore the garden very closely. The locals told us that the garden generally remained closed for the public during the winter season or during heavy rainfall. There is no doubt about the fact that the tulip show plays a great role in attracting a large number of tourists to the Kashmir Valley.

There were more than forty gardeners who were employed simply to look after the needs of the tulips. One of the gardeners told us that there is an art of picking up the bulbs. While some of the tulips mature early, some others take time before they are ready to be plucked. The time ran out and we were mesmerized by the beauty of the garden; it was getting late and we had to move on.

Image of the Week : Nishat Bagh Srinagar

Nishat Bagh Srinagar

Nishat Bagh Srinagar | Image Resource :

Nishat Bagh Srinagar : This terraced Mughal garden built on the eastern side of Dal lake s truly a ‘Garden on Joy’. Still there are some old Mughal period buildings in the vicinity of Bagh. The 12 terraces representing the 12 zodiac signs make a remarkable visual treat. I recommend at least a stroll through this garden to anyone visiting Srinagar.

Pari Mahal Srinagar – A Uniquely Crafted Terrace Based Garden

Being an ardent lover of historical monuments and forts, we had planned our visit to all such places available in Jammu and Kashmir. The next destination in our list was the Pari Mahal or the Abode of Fairies. It is actually a garden having seven terraces and located on the Zabarwan Mountains. On reaching the Pari Mahal, we could have a view of the entire city.

Pari Mahal Srinagar

Pari Mahal Srinagar | Image Resource :

The experience of visiting a host of places having rich association with the country’s history enabled us to identify that the architecture of the Mahal clearly represents Islamic architecture. It was a form of architecture, which had reached its peak during the reign of Shah Jahan, the great Mughal Emperor.

A research at the history of the Pari Mahal Srinagar revealed that it was Prince Dara Shikoh, who had established the gardens in the middle of the 1600s by clearing the remaining of a monastery dedicated to Buddhists. In order to follow the rule of Qadiri of Sufi Islam, Dara, Shah Jahan’s son, had to build the garden and dedicate it to his tutor. The garden has also been used as an observatory by many famous astrologers and astronomers. The best thing about the Pari Mahal is that it is extremely reputed for being one of the most beautiful high altitude paramilitary camps in the world.

A Portion of Arched Terraces of Pari Mahal

A Portion of Arched Terraces of Pari Mahal | Image Resource :

The thing which distinguishes the Fairies’ abode from other simple gardens in Kashmir is the absence of any kind of water chutes or cascades. Many historians have however found some traces of the existence of open water courses, which could have been used for creating fountains.

On the uppermost step, there are remains of two important structures. One of the structures was a barahdari, which faced the Dal Lake. The second was a reservoir of water, which was built on the opposite side of the mountains and used to be fed by a spring. There are two chambers towards the southern portion of the main entrance. But the reason for which it was used originally is still unknown. The ceilings of both the chambers have pipes embedded in them.

View of Golf Course and Dal Lake from Pari Mahal

View of Golf Course and Dal Lake from Pari Mahal | Image Resource :

We had a great time at the Mahal, which still exist to showcase the Mughal architecture in the country.