Zari work stitches at Ratu Road : A Workshop Guided By Experts!

Zari Work Stitches at Ratu Road Ranchi

Zari Work Stitches at Ratu Road Ranchi | Image Resource :

Description : My sister has always been fascinated by embroidery and weaving and wanted to try out the Zari work stitches at Ratu road. It is a workshop which has experts guiding the students about how to use gold and silver threads to make elegant designs on silk fabrics. The end results looked lovely and my sister has now learned the basics of this art form.


Travel Thought of the week – Nikos Kazantrzakis

Travel Thought

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Description : Travelers are like nomads who travel with their herd and are always on the move. The above quoted lines are in actual fact for the adventurous spirit each traveler should posses and a flawless wave of inquisitiveness of the unknown tomorrow that’s going to be even more interesting. Each of them ought to feel ‘at home’ where ever they go in the world.

Image of the Week : Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi | Image Resource :

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi : Closely located to the Ranchi Lake and the Airport, this stay-inn paradise has a lot more to proffer for all the leisure- lovers out there. This five- star accommodation property has the most up-to-date lodging décor, multifunctional amenities and most of all a friendly vibe that will be cherished by anyone who checks in.

Ranchi Lake : Another Spectacular British Gift To India

Panoramic View Of Ranchi Lake

Panoramic View Of Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

This magnificent brainchild of a British national, named Colonel Onsely, is located in the heart of Ranchi. Situated at the base of Ranchi Hill, its mirrored surface flaunting the enchanting image of the plush green hills above, left me mesmerized. After interacting with a few locals, I was informed that they simply address it as “Bada Talab”, which is no wonder since it is spread over a whopping 52 acres. As the exhaustiveness of the hustle & bustle of the city seemed to grow upon me, I decided to visit the much talked about “Talab”. It wasn’t a bad decision at all.

Sunset View of Ranchi Lake

Sunset View of Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

Located adjacent to a BSNL telephone exchange, my first impression of the lake was the incredibly clean and calm water. Gazing at the clear blue sky and relishing upon such a pleasant weather, I couldn’t resist myself from indulging in a quick boat ride. This lake has surely enhanced the overall beauty of the place. Moreover, the sunset view from the banks of this lake was truly breath-taking. As it grows darker, the splendid view of Ranchi Hill steadily disappears leaving you with an urge to know more about this spectacular lake. After indulging into a little chit-chat with the surrounding visitors, I was apprised by a little history that this lake shares. It is basically a man-made water body excavated and constructed at the base of Ranchi hill by the British in the year, 1842.

Pahari Mandir around Ranchi Lake

Pahari Mandir around Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

The exquisite location of this lake makes it an ideal place for families to visit and spend some quality time here in the form of a picnic. The Ranchi lake has various temples & churches all around it. Some noteworthy religious centres include Sri Shyam Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Kali Mandir, Pahari Mandir and St. Mary Cathedral. I did not forget to plan a short trip to Shiva Mandir near the hill as well. Exhausted from strolling along the banks of the lake, I walked towards the hotel with a calmer, more placid mind. This man-made marvel is surely a gem embedded in the heart of Ranchi city.

Image of the Week : Dassam Fall Ranchi Jharkhand

Dassam Fall Ranchi Jharkhand

Dassam Fall Ranchi Jharkhand | Image Resource :

Dassam Fall Ranchi Jharkhand : The Dassam Fall is one of the popular places of Jharkhand. It is a waterfall located near Taimara village, Ranchi, Jharkhand. The falls are believed to be split into 10 streams and hence the name “dassam”. The water of the Dassam fall is very clean and clear which entices tourists to enter the water for fun. If you are a nature lover and have plans to visit Ranchi, then do visit this popular Dassam Fall.

Image of the Week : Parasnath Hill Jharkhand

Parasnath Hill Jharkhand

Parasnath Hill Jharkhand | Image Resource :

Parasnath Hill Jharkhand : Parasnath Hill is a range of hills located in Giridih district of Jharkhand. This hill is considered the highest peak which is about 1350 metres and it is one of the most important pilgrimage centre for Jains. It is believed that 20 of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras attained salvation on this hill. For each of the Tirthankaras, there is a shrine i.e. gumti or tuk on the hill. If you wish to visit this hill, the best time to go there is from October to March when the weather is pleasant.

Image of the Week : St. Mary’s Church Jharkhand

St. Mary’s Church Jharkhand

St. Mary’s Church Jharkhand | Image Resource :

St. Mary’s Church Jharkhand : During one of my visit to the state of Jharkhand, I visited the popular St. Mary’s Church, Ranchi along with one of my friend. The magnificent Roman catholic church is constructed in Neo-Romanesque style with domes 32m high. The monumental structure has a holding capacity of 3000 devotees. So whenever you get the opportunity to visit Jharkhand, do visit the amazing church.

Image of the Week : Hudco Lake Jharkhand

Hudco Lake Jharkhand

Hudco Lake Jharkhand | Image Resource : alibaba

Hudco Lake Jharkhand : During one of the long weekends, I went to the Hudco Lake that I had heard a lot about. I was really surprised to see the scenic beauty around and no wonder why the place was so famous. The Hudco Lake is located in Telco Colony, Jharkhand that forms one of the best tourist attractions. It’s a beautiful park and a picnic spot where people come to unwind and relax. This lake has an artificial waterfall and is surrounded by greenery and hill ranges.

Image of the Week : Sun Temple Jharkhand

Sun Temple Jharkhand

Sun Temple Jharkhand | Image Resource :

Sun Temple Jharkhand : Being from the city of Patna, I have always seen a large number of people visiting the popular Sun Temple, Jharkhand. This temple is located on the Tata Road near Bundu. The temple architecture has the shape of a big chariot with eighteen wheels and seven lifelike horses that seem to be ready to take off for the journey. Surely, you won’t get simply mesmerized by the beauty of the Sun Temple, but also by the exquisite surroundings. Devotees visiting this temple take a dip in the lake close by, believed to be something that can wash away all sins.

Witnessing The Living Proof Of India’s Diversity In 13 Hours!

Not many are acquainted with the fact that the name “Patliputra” is nothing but an ancient name of the city of Patna, the current capital of Bihar. It’s where the train “Patliputra Express” receives its name from, which runs on all seven days of the week between Patna and Ranchi.

One may find it uncanny, but we, Indians, have a habit of arriving at the railway station around an hour early before the train’s departure; as if arriving this early would make the train come onto the platform before the scheduled time, something that has never happened before in India. Being a bunch of travel enthusiasts, we couldn’t suppress our urge to hop on the train as soon as possible and commence this beautiful journey.

Patna Junction

Patna Junction | Image Resource :

The clock struck 3 as an announcement was made, and a usual quirky voice informed us that the 18621 Ranchi-bound Patliputra Express, of the Patna Ranchi Travel Route, is about to arrive on the station. The train entered the platform a few minutes after that and making no delay, left Patna Junction at 15:25 sharp. Charge all the gadgets. Check. Buy books & magazines. Check. We were all set for what initially seemed to be a tedious 13-hour long journey. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

There are two types of train journeys: first, when you hardly interact with other passengers as the view outside is just too wonderfully distracting and second, when it seems that all that the window can offer are vast views of monotonous landscapes. This trip was turning out to be the latter one. As a result, I started interacting with people occupying the opposite berths. After the customary exchange of information regarding each other’s destinations and purpose of visit, we started discussing various other means of travelling from Patna to Ranchi.

It is intriguing to know how an individual can garner such amount of knowledge merely through interaction with a fellow passenger. Other nearby passengers joined in. Amongst them, was a family headed to Dhanbad for a family wedding, and students travelling to Ranchi to attend college after spending a month-long vacation at their respective homes. Interestingly, each one had an anecdote to share.

After a quick nap, we woke up to the bustling sounds of Ranchi station at 04:35 early morning. It was enthralling to realize that India’s diversity does not lie in its castes & religions, but rather in the variety of its peoples’ stories.