Zari work stitches at Ratu Road : A Workshop Guided By Experts!

Zari Work Stitches at Ratu Road Ranchi

Zari Work Stitches at Ratu Road Ranchi | Image Resource :

Description : My sister has always been fascinated by embroidery and weaving and wanted to try out the Zari work stitches at Ratu road. It is a workshop which has experts guiding the students about how to use gold and silver threads to make elegant designs on silk fabrics. The end results looked lovely and my sister has now learned the basics of this art form.


Travel Thought of the week – Nikos Kazantrzakis

Travel Thought

Travel Thought | Image Resource :

Description : Travelers are like nomads who travel with their herd and are always on the move. The above quoted lines are in actual fact for the adventurous spirit each traveler should posses and a flawless wave of inquisitiveness of the unknown tomorrow that’s going to be even more interesting. Each of them ought to feel ‘at home’ where ever they go in the world.

Deicious Food of the Week : Dal Peethi – Jharkhand Special

Dal Peethi - Jharkhand Special

Dal Peethi – Jharkhand Special | Image Resource :

Description : The Mughlai mixed Jharkhand cuisine is always a delight to every traditional food- lover. The best part of this preparation is that small discs of dough (peethis) are cut out and boiled. These are then added to a mixture of various dhal boiled with spices and turmeric. The boiled mixture is then dressed with oil sorted onions and curry leaves.

Image of the Week : Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi | Image Resource :

Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi : Closely located to the Ranchi Lake and the Airport, this stay-inn paradise has a lot more to proffer for all the leisure- lovers out there. This five- star accommodation property has the most up-to-date lodging décor, multifunctional amenities and most of all a friendly vibe that will be cherished by anyone who checks in.

January 26 Happy Republic Day

Republic Day

Republic Day | Image Resource :

  • “If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. – Bhagat Singh.
  • No real change in history has ever been achieved by discussions. – Subhash Chandra Bose.

On this auspicious day, let us all be reminded of the work & efforts taken by our leaders and let us all strive towards a better & a developed nation. Happy Republic Day!”

Camping In Rishikesh : Get Close To Nature!

Hey guys, this is your blogger Pankaj Yadav. When I am on work, I make sure to give my 100%. However, when I am on vacation, I never compromise on any aspect and love to go on adventure trips either solo or with my friends. Sometimes, I need to take break from juggling between finances and audit works, and I always make my wish list of trips.

Well, the latest activity on my wish list is camping in Rishikesh. I am dreaming of this activity ever since my colleagues had experienced and informed me about it. When I browsed myself to know about Rishikesh, I was surprised to see how much of natural beauty it has in store and of course the number of adventure activities for the travellers.

Camping In Rishikesh

Camping In Rishikesh | Image Resource :

Some elements of camping in Rishikesh

I promised myself to go to Rishikesh for this holiday. I have seen camping activities in many movies and programs, it is such a lovely thing to erect a camp, feel the cool breeze, enjoy with your friends in camp fire, get closer to Ganga River, and create some magical memories. When I asked my friends about camping, I got to know that the activity includes many more elements such as visit to nearby villages, going through forests, exploring nature, and some other adventurous activities.

Ganga River Rishikesh

Ganga River Rishikesh | Image Resource :

I came to know that basically, the camping lasts for one day or 2 days or maximum a week. And for beginners, one to two days is more than enough. Food and camps are provided and the cost ranges between 1500 and 3000 depending on the inclusions.

Enjoying Camp fire with friends

Enjoying Camp fire with friends | Image Resource :

  • I collected some information on camping places for myself and take pleasure in sharing with my readers.
  • Camping at Tampovan :  It is one night camp which includes fun games, snacks, and 3 meals of the day and costs just 1250 INR.
Camping at Tampovan

Camping at Tampovan | Image Resource :

  • Camping at Lakshmanjhula :  The cost of the package is 1250INR and includes all equipment, tents, food and bonfire.
Camping at Lakshmanjhula

Camping at Lakshmanjhula | Image Resource :

Forest canopy camping at Garhwal: The cost is 1700 INR, includes one night stay, snacks and meals, and other adventure activities.

I had no doubt on the fact that this was going to be the best adventurous trip in my life!

Makar Sankranti Wishes

Makar Sankranti Wishes

Makar Sankranti Wishes | Image Resource :

Description : Makar Sankrant, the festival of kites, is also known as the festival of til-gul. During this festival of bonding, people offer til-gul (til=sesame and gul=jaggery) to one another & expect you to let go of any-all bygones. Scientifically, sesame and jaggery is used to prepare this dish as they fall under the category of warm foods and are considered to be beneficial during the winters. Here’s wishing everybody a Happy Makarsankranti!

Image of the Week : Hotel Capitol Hill Ranchi

Hotel Capitol Hill Ranchi

Hotel Capitol Hill Ranchi | Image Resource :

Hotel Capitol Hill Ranchi : One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller. Such was my experience at the Hotel Capitol Hill in Ranchi. With its signature architecture, my know-how turned out to be an eye-opener. The hotel also showcased the best of modern-day interiors, unsurpassed services and catered to all of my individual as well as my business needs.

Happy New Year to You

New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes | Image Resource :

A very happy new year to everyone; hope that this year brings you great prosperity in life. I visited so many new places this year that I have lost the count now-all thanks to my audit job which gives me tremendous opportunities to travel.  The best thing about my job is that it merges with my passion of travelling.

Ranchi Lake : Another Spectacular British Gift To India

Panoramic View Of Ranchi Lake

Panoramic View Of Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

This magnificent brainchild of a British national, named Colonel Onsely, is located in the heart of Ranchi. Situated at the base of Ranchi Hill, its mirrored surface flaunting the enchanting image of the plush green hills above, left me mesmerized. After interacting with a few locals, I was informed that they simply address it as “Bada Talab”, which is no wonder since it is spread over a whopping 52 acres. As the exhaustiveness of the hustle & bustle of the city seemed to grow upon me, I decided to visit the much talked about “Talab”. It wasn’t a bad decision at all.

Sunset View of Ranchi Lake

Sunset View of Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

Located adjacent to a BSNL telephone exchange, my first impression of the lake was the incredibly clean and calm water. Gazing at the clear blue sky and relishing upon such a pleasant weather, I couldn’t resist myself from indulging in a quick boat ride. This lake has surely enhanced the overall beauty of the place. Moreover, the sunset view from the banks of this lake was truly breath-taking. As it grows darker, the splendid view of Ranchi Hill steadily disappears leaving you with an urge to know more about this spectacular lake. After indulging into a little chit-chat with the surrounding visitors, I was apprised by a little history that this lake shares. It is basically a man-made water body excavated and constructed at the base of Ranchi hill by the British in the year, 1842.

Pahari Mandir around Ranchi Lake

Pahari Mandir around Ranchi Lake | Image Resource :

The exquisite location of this lake makes it an ideal place for families to visit and spend some quality time here in the form of a picnic. The Ranchi lake has various temples & churches all around it. Some noteworthy religious centres include Sri Shyam Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Kali Mandir, Pahari Mandir and St. Mary Cathedral. I did not forget to plan a short trip to Shiva Mandir near the hill as well. Exhausted from strolling along the banks of the lake, I walked towards the hotel with a calmer, more placid mind. This man-made marvel is surely a gem embedded in the heart of Ranchi city.