Better Auditing Practices for a Successful Enterprise

Auditing the accounts of an institution is like given a medical examination to an individual. It is the process by which the accounts of a company or institution are made spotless and a robust system of transactions is created. It is also a reality check for any institution. If an auditor takes his/her job seriously then the institution has an opportunity to revise its methods and improve in all areas of shortcomings.

Audit Checklist

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It is necessary that every enterprise organise a self-audit both as a reality check and for neutral subjective analysis of its performance. Audits can be transaction audits or performance audits. The names are completely suggestive of their nature and both have immense importance. As an auditor I know how important both kinds of audits are for any institution.

Internal Audit Process

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I have great audit team and it is the reason behind my success. Any enterprise needs to identify a team of auditors with relevant and satisfactory credentials for conducting a successful audit. Internal audits must also be extremely neutral and non-partisan. For this the managers need to choose people with a long history of credibility. The next step is to design the audit process and test alternatives in small departments of an institution. Sometimes different audit techniques have to be used in different departments. A proper reading of the company regulations and federal and provincial guidelines on audits is also extremely necessary. Sound legal advice might be needed at every step of the audit process so that no rules are violated. There are certain sections of an enterprise which require confidential and sensitive auditing and care in this regard must be takes.

Audit Procedure

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Any changes in company rules and policies must be reflected in audits. Especially performance audits must carefully scrutinize the performance of various policies of any enterprise. The linking of account records is generally done before an audit so that a proper exchange of information can take place. It is necessary to properly channelize this information to ensure smooth and unbiased auditing. The final audit reports have to be made public. Preparation of a detailed report is essential else the audit becomes useless. Audit results must be shared equally with all stakeholders irrespective of their position in the firm to maintain transparency and accountability which is the ultimate aim of any Audit.


Image of the Week : Fishing at Goa

Fishing at Goa

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A trip to Goa has a lot of entertainment and fishing is a sport that has gained much recognition amongst the visitors to this beach haven? You can enjoy river fishing, spear fishing, light offshore fishing, inshore fishing and so on…don’t miss trying this because its absolute fun if you ever happen to visit Goa!

Make Sure You Visit The Exquisite Candolim Beach Goa!

This location is a very popular destination and resides in North Goa. This extremely small village was one of the first places to be converted into Christianity. The lands run deep with history and the people are ever ready to tell you stories of the past.

Candolim Beach Goa

Candolim Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Since we hit all the famous beaches already we decided to go and view the candolim beach goa as well! If you are looking to spend time around other happy people, then this is the beach for you. Though it isn’t as crowded as Baga or Anjuna, it is surely much cleaner.

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach | Image Resource :

This beach has a lot of restaurants that delighted all our taste buds. It is a more family oriented beach and not any activities to carry out here. If you are looking to taste wonderful sea food and drink a beer or two with friends and family, then you should visit this beach during sunset. The magnificent view will ensure you remember your holiday for the rest of your life!

Learn About This Magnificent Beach!

This beach is one of the longest beaches in Goa and the best part about the beach was the “Ship River Princess”. It is a ship that has been stuck on the shores of this beach for many years together and draws a haunting picture for any person that sees it. We took a lot of photos on this beach as the backdrop that we had was magical!

Candolim Beach Goa Sunset

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We had also heard of Aguada Fort that was near this beach and decided to check it out. This beautiful monument was designed and raised by the Portuguese in the year 1612 and still stands tall as of today. The church, lighthouse and the barracks of the jail have also gone to become tourist attractions. We visited all of them and felt a strong sense of history that ran through this place.

Aguada Fort near Beach

Aguada Fort near Beach | Image Resource :

It is indeed a beautiful location to visit while on holiday. You can not only relax and unwind but also learn so much about the land. Make a trip to this place and see and experience beauty like never before!

Image of the Week : Arvalam Waterfalls Goa

Arvalam Waterfalls Goa

Arvalam Waterfalls Goa | Image Resource :

This beautiful location is perfect to get some good snaps. We didn’t go into the waterfalls but admired its beauty from afar. When we went the water from the falls wasn’t very strongly pouring but it is a wonderful location for a picnic. Make sure you take your loved ones if you are in the area!

Chapora Beach Goa Will Ensure That You Relax Yourself Thoroughly!

After a wonderful breakfast that the hotel provided us with, we decided to go and spend the day lazing around on the Chapora Beach Goa. We hadn’t really heard a lot about this beach other than the fact that it is extremely beautiful so we decided to go out and venture into it by ourselves.

Chapora Beach Goa

Chapora Beach Goa | Image Resource :

This beach stretches for about ten kilometres in north goa and is indeed extremely beautiful. The beach that is laid out in front of us seemed to go till the horizon. There weren’t many people here and thus gave us a lot of time to ourselves.

There are many cheap travel lodges and hotels near this beach but it wasn’t occupied when we were there. It was getting real hot and so we decided to try out the famous Ganesh Juice Shop that was just a short walk. This place is extremely clean and the juices here are to die for! As I write this blog post, my mouth is water and I could use a fresh watermelon squeeze from that small but amazing juice shop!

Chapora Beach

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There were a few shopkeepers that had set up shop at the side of the beach and sold local merchandises. We got a few candles and keychains to take back to our friends and family back home.

Some Alone Time Would Be Nice!

I enjoyed basking in the sun and listening to the waves hit the shore. I haven’t had some quiet time like that in a long while and I suggest anyone looking for some peace to go and check out this beach.

Chapora Beach Fort

Chapora Beach Fort | Image Resource :

We grabbed a bite to eat from one of the shacks on the beach and then played a little sand football. We lay down under the sun until it went down. The sunset from this beach is beautiful and if you have the chance you should surely try getting to this beach during sunset time!

Go with friends, go with family or go alone with some of your favourite music, either way this beach will make you fall in love with it!

Hotel The Hq Goa Is The Best Place To Stay At!

I always make sure I plan ahead. I did my homework on where to stay at and even budgeted the lodging facility. There are various websites that deal with travel and tourism, thus my job of finding the best place to stay for all of us became very easy.

There is a new Hotel Booking App that helped me plan the entire holiday! I filtered my search of a hotel to stay at on the app by checking for a place that is conveniently located, has a great view and is very cost efficient. The Hotel The Hq, Goa fitted our travel and lodging needs perfectly. We decided to book the rooms prior to our arrival so that we can check in as soon as we reach the railway station.

Hotel The Hq Goa

Hotel The Hq Goa | Image Resource :

When I booked rooms online, I got a great deal on my reservation. The stay was very inexpensive as compared to all other four star hotels that were there in Goa. Though there were many business lodgers around, I found the place to be great! I soon realized that there were a lot of business lodgers because of the lavish business centre and conference hall that the hotel provides.

The Rooms At This Beautiful Hotel Will Blow Your Mind!

The gorgeous swimming pool, proper strategic location to all the tourist spots and contemporary style interiors were what grabbed my attention in the first place. We booked a standard deluxe room and were thoroughly impressed by it. The room came with attached bathroom, safe facilities, iron, hair dryer and minibar. The room had wonderful wooden floorings that kept the room cold and cosy at all times.

Deluxe Room Hotel Hq

Deluxe Room Hotel Hq | Image Resource :

The staffs at this hotel are trained very well to help out their guests. They take the initiative to make every guest feel comfortable and at home. The services and amenities provided by this hotel was of great value and the prices are truly unbeatable.

Yet another aspect of this hotel that caught my attention was the rooftop lounge and grill that served magnificent food! Make sure you stay with this wonderful hotel!

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa Is Heaven On Earth!

The beaches and wonderful coastline in goa is worth a visit but there is so much more that this blessed land can offer This wonderful protected area in Goa has allowed many wildlife species to thrive and flourish without being afraid of poaching and hunting. Located in the north district, the area has a diverse variety of biodiversity that will make you see the world differently!

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa | Image Resource : tripadvisor

The place is administered and controlled by the State Forest Department and the many forest rangers work really hard to protect and conserve what they have. We got to speak to some of the rangers and they seemed really dedicated to the task of protecting the wildlife that India has. The eleven forest guards and they do a wonderful job at taking care of the sanctuary. The whole area has excellent flora and fauna. The drive to this location was brilliant and the roads were very well maintained. I suggest you carry a water bottle and walking shoes because it is a huge area to cover.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

 My photographer friend couldn’t stop clicking away at the birds, animals and beautiful scenes inside this reserve. Many rare species are protected here and thus each person that comes into this reserve should ensure no threats to the animals on the property.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary's Tiger

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary’s Tiger : Image Resource :

We saw a black panther, sloths, bears lions and even Bengal tigers. The tigers were the best and most majestic creatures that I laid my eyes on. There is a wonderful protection program that has been launched by this biodiversity hotspot to help save the lives of these very rapidly decreasing species. There were many species of snakes that were around as well so it was our duty to be careful through the woods. I would’ve felt more comfortable if there were more guards and guides around to help us out with which path to take. It is advisable to go during the day and come back before the sun sets as it may get a little creepy.

Black Panther at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Black Panther at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Make sure you go with a bunch of friends or family members so that you have good company for the long trek!

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa Is The Perfect Sight For A Nature Lover!

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa | Image Resource :

This beautiful location is situated on the Western Ghats and in the Sanguem Taluka. The drive to this place was very nice as the roads were well laid out. We hired a cab from the hotel itself and the driver was very excited to share stories of the land.

Western Ghats Goa

Western Ghats Goa | Image Resource :

We first got a glimpse of this waterfall from a distance. It looked as through streams of milk were pouring down from a great height. The name of the waterfall literally translates to “sea of milk”. The magnificent waterfall was around six hundred meters from head to foot and flowed down he great might and force.

Western Ghats

Western Ghats | Image Resource :

Like all other places in Goa, this one too had a history to go with it. Our driver was nice enough to explain the story in full enthusiasm. Legend has it that the mountains are a virtue of modesty displayed by the Princess of the Western Ghats. After we got there, we realized that a train journey would have been much more inexpensive, I suggest people look into using the Indian railway instead of hiring a car if you are looking for a budgeted trip.

The Milky Waterfall Dudhsagar

The Milky Waterfall Dudhsagar | Image Resource :

The Breath Taking Sight Will Be Embedded In Your Memory For A Lifetime!

We came prepared to jump into the waters and I suggest everyone else to do the same because the water is extremely cold once you get out of it. If you are looking for an entire day of fun and frolic with your loved ones, this location will be perfect for you. The best time to go is between January and May because the water isn’t too deep and dangerous.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall | Image Resource :

Though goa is known only for its coast line and wonderful beaches, this sight will make you rethink that statement. If you do not know how to swim then you can purchase a lifejacket on rent for thirty rupees. Every car that enters needs to pay an admission fee of about four hundred rupees. Each penny spent is worth it because the breath taking view and experience will keep haunting your memories years later.