Akal Takht Amritsar – The Throne of Immortal

A visit, though official, to Amritsar was becoming fruitful; nonetheless, I realized that I simply could not vacation here – there was too much to know and see at any place I visit and the time we had was too little. The Akal Takht Amritsar, which was next in our agenda, is located in the Golden Temple complex and took us just five minutes to reach there.

Built by Guru Hargobind in 1606, the place constitutes a political institution, where temporal and spiritual issues are addressed. Interestingly, the name Akal Takht gives a meaning of the “Throne of Immortal”. I walked in and around admiring the architecture of the building. It looked a five-storey structure having a ‘gold-leafed dome’. The lime plaster and painted decorations gave a great look. Moreover, the paintings on the wall and ornamented ceilings showcase the exemplary work of the artisans.

Akal Takht Amritsar

Akal Takht Amritsar | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

No wonder, Amritsar has encouraged history and heritage-based tourism with many architectural buildings, most of them refurbished when they were damaged due to certain political reasons. I dug in to collect some details about the building. It was built at the place where there was a high mound, where Guru Hargobind played in his childhood. The term ‘Takhat’, which means the throne, represents the raised platform, used to sit and perform kingly duties by the Guru.

Today the ‘Jathedar’ is regarded as the highest spokesperson in the Akal Takht. They administer the duties upholding justice for the Sikh Panth. The place was renovated and looked in its present form was built by the Sikh on the traditional policy of Kar Seva and service.

The announcements of Hakamnamas, which are called writs, are made from the Akal Takhat. They help give clarification on any doctrines of Sikh religion, or offer guidance on some points you want to practice. Furthermore, it is religiously understood that everyone should follow the Akal Takhat.

Any sacrifices or services of exemplary nature done for the cause of Sikh community are recorded and appreciated time to time by the takhat.

The place has increasing number of visitors from many places and they try to learn the culture and practices of Sikh religion. It was getting late and we were quite tired and wanted to rest to perform our official duties the next day.


Image of the Week: Hotel P R Residency Amritsar

Hotel P R Residency Amritsar

Hotel P R Residency Amritsar

Hotel P R Residency Amritsar: If someone asks me to define Hotel P R Residency in Amritsar then I would definitely say this- a combination of luxury and comfort at affordable prices. Wow, where you can get a 3 star hotel at this price! And, what I enjoyed here the most are the hospitality, cuisine, event management and of course the service. Go for it guys!

My Train Travel from Patna to Amritsar by Amritsar Mail – A Worthy Experience to Remember

Hi, this is yet another account of my travel experience and this time I connected my official trip with leisure. An audit officer by profession, financial accounting is my forte, and I love to improve my organisational skills too. Since my job demands a lot of travelling, I joyfully trot along anywhere I want to. I always vindicated my choice of destination, which was mostly fixed officially. Like always, my train travel from Patna to Amritsar was fixed and I had two of my buddies joining me.

We booked AC two-tier tickets online to travel by Amritsar Mail (13005). I started my travel early in the morning with as much zest as I do every time. I greeted my friends at the Patna station and we got into the train, which departed exactly at 4.20 am. The seats were quite comfortable and the compartment was clean. I am particular about the cleanliness and so travel mostly in the upper class.

Patna Station

Patna Station | Image Resource: panoramio.com

We were quite prepared since we had to be in the train for a day and night before we reach Amritsar. Of course, there are many Patna to Amritsar routes, which are quicker; nevertheless, we prefer to travel in this for some reasons.

We had some quick snacks when the train crossed ARA junction and talked about our plans at Amritsar, which beckoned with its lush green surroundings and bustling towns. It was time for some reading, brushing up with some daily events, and within no time I was browsing through the newspaper.

Varanasi Junction

Varanasi Junction | Image Resource: panoramio.com

The train stopped at the Varanasi Junction at 9.15 am and we had our breakfast, which we had carried from home. The roti with channa was quite filling and I had some sweets too. In the mean time, we had a guest, who was also to Amritsar. Being a regular visitor, he offered us some tips and places we could visit there.

Though it was a long journey, we did not feel any tiredness. The train reached Rampur Junction at 8.30 pm and by the time it reached Moradabad Junction at 9.20 pm, we finished our dinner and got ready to sleep. Any Patna to Amritsar routes take you to the entire stretch of Uttar Pradesh, touch Haryana and enter Punjab.