Lotus Temple, New Delhi – A Magnificent Artistry in the Heart of Delhi

It was day 3 and my excitement knew no bounds as I was looking forward to visiting the Lotus Temple on the same day. The Lotus Temple, which is also known as the Bahai Temple, is a world famous architecture built in the shape of a lotus flower. It represents the marvel of magnificent art through its décor and structure. There are several temples built in the same form imitating the original Lotus Temple, but the original is always original.

Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Being a person who loves adventures more than anything else, it was kind of a new venture for me. I was actually visiting historical places during my stay in Delhi. But I was glad with my sudden change of taste during the stay in Delhi. I decided not to make visits to any pubs or discotheques in the metro because these could be enjoyed at Bihar as well. But the one-time experiences at historical places could be enjoyed only once.

Coming to my visit to the holy Lotus Temple, I was highly spirited with the whole idea of spending a few hours there and discovering the place more. The ideal shape of the temple resembles a big white semi-opened lotus flower that is unique in its own different manner.

One of the striking features of the Lotus Temple is its culture. A devotee is allowed to read aloud and chant Holy Scriptures of any religion that he is from. However, a devotee cannot hold religious ceremonies within the temple compound.

The calmness that surrounds the magnificent temple is peaceful and one can forget all worries and erase ill-thoughts from one’s mind. The temple doesn’t follow any particular religion as such but the originality lies in the Buddhist state of art. There is more emphasis in meditation, which is known to be the true source of happiness by the Buddhist religion. One can experience divinity in the heart of the Lotus Temple and can also take a walk along the lush green territory of the temple premises.

I had a satiating day and I was full of energy at the end with my camera loaded with pictures of each and every art of the monument.


Happy Republic Day 2015

Happy Republic Day 2015

Happy Republic Day 2015 | Image Resource: brsoftech.com

Wow that’s exactly the feeling that each one of us harbor in our heart on this wonderful day! Happy Republic Day! Every minute and every hour of the day, we love our motherland and there is no comparison to this feeling that arises from the bottom of our heart! Vande Mataram! These two words echo in all Indian hearts and it was a great motivational lyric for our freedom fighters to finally achieve their dream! Jai Hind!

Image of the Week : Dilli Haat Delhi

Dilli Haat Delhi

Dilli Haat Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Dilli Haat Delhi: I was at INA colony to meet a relative and I decided to check out the Dilli haat. It is an open air food plaza located in South Delhi. You will also find stores selling different kinds of products. It is also surrounded by handicrafts stores. I had a wonderful time checking out the Dilli Haat.

The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi – A Well-To-Do Dwelling Place

Delhi is the place of ‘Dilwalas’ as the true spirited Delhites say. I was fortunate enough to be a part of Delhi during my off-work days. I arrived in New Delhi on a busy Monday morning and packed my luggage into a cab, which drove past through the greens of the Delhi streets and finally arrived at the Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi.

My arrival at the hotel was no less like that of a Bollywood star that packs bags all by him and goes hitchhiking (pun intended). Though I was not one of those hitchhikers, but my visit to New Delhi, I must say was sudden and such an out of the box planning.

The Suryaa Hotel

The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi | Image Resource: cloudfront.net

I arrived at the Suryaa Hotel in the morning hours and I was escorted inside by the hotel boy who made my way towards the reception of the hotel. The hotel Suryaa is a luxurious property set amidst the busy streets of New Delhi, yet quite calm and serene in its interior. The hotel is located at a popular place called New Friends Colony, which is kind of a landmark for the people visiting here.

There are number of other tourist places surrounding the hotel, a few of which are the Lotus Temple, ExpoMart, the Pragati Maidan, Nehru Export Zoo, Nehru Palace and Okhla. The hotel is also situated in close proximity to the Nizammuddin Railway Station and Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Suryaa Hotel Lobby

The Suryaa Hotel Lobby | Image Resource: cloudfront.net

There are about 242 rooms in the hotel and each room is affixed with the latest amenities and comfort features. The hotel truly signifies its grandeur from outside and you realize its grandness once you enter into one of the rooms of the hotel.

Mine was a Deluxe Room as I didn’t want to book a very costly room for the stay. Neither did I want to book a room which would make my stay uncomfortable. So I landed at the hotel and the choice of my room was also perfect.

The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi offers facilities starting from restaurants, laundry, swimming pool, hydro bath and chill bath options, sauna rooms, cafes, and many more, which provided me a pleasurable stay during my vacations.