Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir – Famous for Snow Leopards

We had already explored a wide range of exquisitely beautiful and diverse places in the state and were coming to the end of the trip, which made us a bit sad. Nonetheless, we had enough time to sign off with our last destination, which was the Hemis National Park. Being located at a high altitude, it is also known as Hemis High Altitude National Park and is located close to the eastern part of Ladakh. We knew that it is famous throughout the world for being the ideal place to spot a snow leopard and that too inside the wild.

Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir

Hemis National Park Jammu & Kashmir | Image Resource : edukalife.blogspot.com

Experts say that it holds the first rank in the list of protected areas having snow leopards in high density. It also holds the credit for being the country’s only national park to be located above the Himalayas. We could clearly spot a number of snow leopards roaming freely in the wild and felt really lucky to have the opportunity to capture them with our DSLRs. The best thing about the park is that the picturesque location is surrounded by the Indus River on the north and parts of Zanskar Range, Rumbak, Sumdah and Markah on different sides.

Snow Leopard - Hemis National Park

Snow Leopard – Hemis National Park | Image Resource : thousandwonders.net

My friend, who was a big fan of facts and dates, told me that the park was established in the year 1981. The Hemis National Park in Jammu & Kashmir currently holds the record for being the largest national park in the southern part of the continent. We knew that there were numerous holy chortens and Tibetan gompas, who resided inside the park. The locals informed that more than 1,600 people reside inside the boundaries of the park.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park | Image Resource : outlooktraveller.com

The Hemis National Park receives the maximum number of pilgrims and tourists during a festival known as Hemis Tsechu. The park is abounded with alpine shrub meadows and lands, alpine tundra and pine forests. Some of the most popular animals found inside the park include the snow leopards, Tibetan wolf, Eurasian brown bear, red fox, mountain weasel, Himalayan mouse hare, Himalayan marmot, etc.

We also did some bird watching and found some extremely unique species of birds in India. We left the park with a heavy heart to be back to our scheduled life the very next day.


Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa Is Heaven On Earth!

The beaches and wonderful coastline in goa is worth a visit but there is so much more that this blessed land can offer This wonderful protected area in Goa has allowed many wildlife species to thrive and flourish without being afraid of poaching and hunting. Located in the north district, the area has a diverse variety of biodiversity that will make you see the world differently!

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa | Image Resource : tripadvisor

The place is administered and controlled by the State Forest Department and the many forest rangers work really hard to protect and conserve what they have. We got to speak to some of the rangers and they seemed really dedicated to the task of protecting the wildlife that India has. The eleven forest guards and they do a wonderful job at taking care of the sanctuary. The whole area has excellent flora and fauna. The drive to this location was brilliant and the roads were very well maintained. I suggest you carry a water bottle and walking shoes because it is a huge area to cover.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource : tourmet.com

 My photographer friend couldn’t stop clicking away at the birds, animals and beautiful scenes inside this reserve. Many rare species are protected here and thus each person that comes into this reserve should ensure no threats to the animals on the property.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary's Tiger

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary’s Tiger : Image Resource : goanews.com

We saw a black panther, sloths, bears lions and even Bengal tigers. The tigers were the best and most majestic creatures that I laid my eyes on. There is a wonderful protection program that has been launched by this biodiversity hotspot to help save the lives of these very rapidly decreasing species. There were many species of snakes that were around as well so it was our duty to be careful through the woods. I would’ve felt more comfortable if there were more guards and guides around to help us out with which path to take. It is advisable to go during the day and come back before the sun sets as it may get a little creepy.

Black Panther at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Black Panther at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource : sanctuariesindia.com

Make sure you go with a bunch of friends or family members so that you have good company for the long trek!