A Day Out at the Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

A landmark of the capital and the unique confluence of the lifestyle of urban and old Delhi, Lodhi Garden is something one can never miss while on a trip to Delhi. People staying in Delhi as residents find this place quite amusing and for people like me, who get a very few chances to visit places just for leisure, this place is an abode of tranquility and panorama.

If you are somewhat of a historian and love to visit places that carry interest of India’s glorious history, then you must come to visit Delhi at least once in a life time. The capital of India, New Delhi is something that presents you a whole new bouquet of fresh memories, which are derived directly from the rich past and dynasties of India.

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

It was my fourth day of stay in Delhi and I was excited to make Lodhi Garden as a part of my journey. I booked a taxi from my hotel and reached the Lodhi Garden in just about 45 minutes. As I stepped down of my taxi, I carried a packet of masala peanuts and chomped a few of them into my mouth.

I went inside the Lodhi Garden which has a rich past. The garden was built somewhere between the 15th and 16th centuries by the Lodhi rulers who were a part of Delhi during that time. The historical monuments present within the premises are worth a watch as they represent the trueness of the art and mastery of artists over their masterpieces.

Bara Gumbad Mosque at Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Bara Gumbad Mosque at Lodhi Garden, New Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The Lodhi Garden, as is its name, is a garden which is maintained till now by the ASI and Government of India. The garden can be seen flocked with yoga practitioners and evening/morning walkers running through its length and breadth and sweating profusely. Apart from being a place for recreation, the Lodhi Garden contributes to the rich past of the medieval India. There are tombs and domes placed in the midst of the garden, which were built in the memories of different Lodhi rulers.

The presence of such beautiful places in Delhi makes it a truly amazing place for vacations and leisure.


Lotus Temple, New Delhi – A Magnificent Artistry in the Heart of Delhi

It was day 3 and my excitement knew no bounds as I was looking forward to visiting the Lotus Temple on the same day. The Lotus Temple, which is also known as the Bahai Temple, is a world famous architecture built in the shape of a lotus flower. It represents the marvel of magnificent art through its décor and structure. There are several temples built in the same form imitating the original Lotus Temple, but the original is always original.

Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Being a person who loves adventures more than anything else, it was kind of a new venture for me. I was actually visiting historical places during my stay in Delhi. But I was glad with my sudden change of taste during the stay in Delhi. I decided not to make visits to any pubs or discotheques in the metro because these could be enjoyed at Bihar as well. But the one-time experiences at historical places could be enjoyed only once.

Coming to my visit to the holy Lotus Temple, I was highly spirited with the whole idea of spending a few hours there and discovering the place more. The ideal shape of the temple resembles a big white semi-opened lotus flower that is unique in its own different manner.

One of the striking features of the Lotus Temple is its culture. A devotee is allowed to read aloud and chant Holy Scriptures of any religion that he is from. However, a devotee cannot hold religious ceremonies within the temple compound.

The calmness that surrounds the magnificent temple is peaceful and one can forget all worries and erase ill-thoughts from one’s mind. The temple doesn’t follow any particular religion as such but the originality lies in the Buddhist state of art. There is more emphasis in meditation, which is known to be the true source of happiness by the Buddhist religion. One can experience divinity in the heart of the Lotus Temple and can also take a walk along the lush green territory of the temple premises.

I had a satiating day and I was full of energy at the end with my camera loaded with pictures of each and every art of the monument.

My Journey from Patna to New Delhi – An Exhilarating Experience!

I am a person who remains busy throughout the year and hardly finds any time for leisure and holidays. But after a long time I had got a break from work and the vacation was really long. It was supposed to stretch over some 12 days. So I wasted no time and started drafting a plan, all by myself, to make a visit to the nation capital, New Delhi.

I had visited New Delhi once when I was a child but it scarcely had any footprints in my mind. As I was very young then, I could not visit many places. Or I can say that I might as well have visited, but nothing was left in my mind.

Patna Junction

Patna Junction | Image Resource: panoramio.com

I started my journey to New Delhi via PNBE NDLS Special Express. The train starts off from the Patna Junction and ends its journey at the New Delhi station. I boarded my train from the Patna Junction, which is also known as the PNBE Junction in Railway abbreviation. The train operates for just four days in a week so I had to plan it accordingly.

I finished my work on Saturday and boarded the train on a Sunday afternoon. I had deliberately planned my trip to kick start on Monday morning as I was sure that people in New Delhi would move to work and the visibly crowded streets of New Delhi would be much sparse and calmer on working days.

Patna Junction Platform Board

Patna Junction Platform Board | Image Resource: panoramio.com

My journey started from Patna at 12:15 pm in the afternoon. It was the month of October and the temperature of New Delhi was supposed to be cooler. Hence, it was just the perfect time for me to visit New Delhi. The train went passed Bihar and went through Uttar Pradesh till it finally reached the Nizammuddin Railway Station in New Delhi.

I covered many places such as Kanpur, Allahabad, Mughal Sarai Junction, Ghaziabad and Buxar and finally reached at my destination. It was neither a very long journey nor a too short one. I spent around 16 hours in the train. But since I had chosen the sleeper class, I could enjoy the majestic land terrains of India through the India. The journey by PNBE NDLS Special was fun-filled and topped with odysseys.