Magnificence Echoes In Every Corner Of Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum Jodhpur!

I was desperately waiting for the sun to rise because I was all set to explore the multi-faceted grandeur of Jodhpur. My morning was early because I was keen and excited to explore the architectural beauty of Jodhpur. My first stop in Jodhpur was the Umaid Bhawan Palace museum.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum Jodhpur | Image Resource :

From Ajmer, Jodhpur is almost 214 kms and so I decided to choose the roadway. So, one day prior I quickly booked a cab using my mobile. I started early in the morning and was amazed by the beautiful and well maintained roads of Jodhpur. As soon as started heading towards Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum, Jodhpur, my heart starting beating faster as I was going to unravel the Indian royalty.

Inside Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

Inside Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum | Image Resource :

The timings of this marvelous place are from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm and the best part is it remains open the entire week. The entry fee for Indians is Rs. 30 per person, for foreign tourists is Rs. 100 and Rs. 10 for children who are between the age group of 5 to 11 years. As I started early, I reached on time at the museum. The art museum recollects the story of Maharaja Umaid Singh, who was so fond of Western architecture that he appointed a well known architect to create this spectacular place.

As I entered, I was left awestruck when I saw the elite collection of items that belonged to the Maharaja and his family. The most fascinating items that I came across were the weapons, stuffed leopards, rare antiques, artifacts and various trophies. It doesn’t end here, as there was a wide collection of crockery, cutlery, photographs which enthralled me to the core.

Remarkable Collection of Clock at Umaid Bhawan

Remarkable Collection of Clock at Umaid Bhawan | Image Resource :

There was also a huge banner that was presented by Queen Victoria which just grabbed everyone’s attention. I also witnessed some remarkable collection of clocks and how could I forget the vintage collection of cars! They were the icing on the cake. I felt like driving one of them!

Inside View of Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

Inside View of Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum | Image Resource :

There was also a small souvenir shop which helped me choose some of the best gifts for my friends and family. Bewildered and mesmerized my footsteps were clinging to the ground and not ready to turn back from this finest piece of architecture.


Rail Museum, New Delhi – A Learning Point for Any Traveler

New Delhi is not just the capital of India but is also one of the hubs of major industrial and commercial exchanges. My voyage to Delhi made me realize one thing very clearly that urbanization is certainly developed in this region of the country, but the effect of old Delhi was still remaining in each and every corner of the Union Territory.

After having spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at the Lodhi Garden of New Delhi, I had reached the fifth day of my stay in the nation capital.

Rail Museum, New Delhi

Rail Museum, New Delhi | Image Resource:

I woke up early in the morning and quickly sipped my bed tea; then I started heading towards the Rail Museum, which I had already planned the previous day. The Rail Museum is one of those practical museums in India that brings the working and functioning of trains and their tracks alive.

It is also one of the national heritages of the country as there is wide collection of very old and ancient steam engines, trains and their parts. There are certain models of trains exhibited in the museum that are not found today; however, the trains which run today connecting people from nook and cranny of the country have definitely derived their basics from these.

The steam locomotives, railway artifacts and carriages of large numbers of trains are exhibited in a wide space. The museum sprawls across a large landscape of about 40,000 square meters and the entire area of its interior has something reserved for the visitors.

Patiala State Monorail System

Patiala State Monorail System | Image Resource:

As I am a fan of adventurous activities and I keep looking for places where I can indulge myself into little bit of fun, I eyed on the toy train that runs across the museum. I booked my tickets in the same and took a ride within the museum itself, which carried us to various exhibitions within the museum.

There are various saloons built within the museum, which are dedicated to different persons from the history. There is the Saloon of the Maharaja of Indore and another for the Prince of Wales. Then there is also one saloon for the Maharaja of Mysore that is constructed with gold, teak and ivory.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and the time spent in the Rail Museum of New Delhi was worth remembering.