Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smart Pen

My love for gadgets has always made me to search for different utilities that can make my work easier. Being an audit officer, my mind always puzzles around calculations and sciences, but yes, I definitely find some time out to look for the latest technologies.

Recently, while browsing through the internet, I stumbled upon a page that talked about 8GB echo smart pen. I was truly amazed with the features it provided and hence, wanted to share it with all of you.

Livescribe Echo Smart pen is a smart time saver that helps to record everything you want, link audio to notes and also write notes. A very good stuff for making notes and keeping things organized, this smart pen is everything you need for a mess-free work situation.

The app comes with an extravagant memory of 8 GB, which sets a powerful storage space for recording and storing all your data. A hefty number of 8000 hours of audio and about 12,800 note pages! What else would you want from a tiny pen-like device that provides you a storage capacity of a large bookshelf! The pre-loaded applications in the app are always ready and can be used on the go!

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

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Ease of Utility

My knowledge sense was trying to make me believe that the app is doing all good and I soon realized it while I started exploring more of its features. There are scores of utilities of the smart pen and the Quick Record feature lets you record audio with just a press of button.  Your data are saved successfully with a password right after you are done storing data.

The Quick Calc feature lets you do basic calculations and serves the purpose of a calculator. Now add, subtract, multiply, divide and play with numbers on the go!

System utilities are confined to providing you date, time, battery charge and storage space for ease. You can also use ‘Launch Line’ for installing your favorite app by simply writing its name.

The smart pen from LiveScribe is everything you need for dealing in a tough work environment! Why not have one for yourself!