Have a memorable New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year | Image Resource: happynewyearwishes.org

Never be disheartened, no matter how bad your 2014 was. Remember, there is always a new beginning. If you are willing to be a better person that this is the right time to step up. Let this New Year bring joy and prosperity to your life. I wish you have a memorable New Year!


Safdarjung Tomb New Delhi – The Masterpiece of the Mughal

It was my second day in New Delhi and I was already feeling the good vibes. There’s something about New Delhi that attracts the travelers more because it still has that Mughal feel here. Maybe, it is because of the architectural masterpieces that they’ve left for all good. On my second day of the trip, I had planned to visit the Safdarjung tomb.

The tomb was built by Nawab Shuja-ud-Daulahin in the year 1753-1754 and is located at the Lodi Road in New Delhi and is a very popular visiting place for travelers. It is more special for me because I’ve been an admirer of the Mughal arts and the Safdarjung tomb is the last Mughal architectural art. The place I’ve always imagined about was just steps away from me as I got off the taxi and paid the fare.

Safdarjung Tomb New Delhi

Safdarjung Tomb New Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The tomb is named after Mirza Muqeem Abul Mansar Khan who was also known as Safdarjung. It is one fine piece of art. I could see the fine lines in that double-storied structure, which was evenly visible from a distance. The whole tomb is made up of marble and red sand stones, which are mesmerizing. As a traveler, it was my obvious duty to click the finest pictures along with taking the best view of the beautiful piece of architecture.

The tomb has one gate at the east, which was the exit as well. The tomb is surrounded by tanks and fountains, which surrounded the central pathway as well. The beauty doesn’t stop here; it has a wide variety of greenery contrasting the whole building, which literally left me speechless for a while. All I could do was stick my tongue out and click pictures like a kid. This was a whole new experience for me and I’m shameless enough to write that tongue out part.

I spent a whole 4 hours checking each corner of the tomb, and then exited from the only way, bidding good bye. This place gave me the best feeling of Mughal architectural designs, which left a really great experience for me. I can bet you over a thousand dollars, you can never get enough of this place if you’ve just read about this place in books and on the internet. The day went all good with the visit to the last flick of the Mughal art.

Yummy dish of the week : Momos Delhi

Momos Delhi

Momos Delhi | Image Resource: oliviaburkeblog.wordpress.com

Momos Delhi: I was hanging around the streets of Delhi and decide to check out a local restaurant. We decided to order momos. Veg momos are the speciality of Delhi. Although they are not a traditional dish from Delhi, there is a unique flavour to these dishes. Basically, Delhi offers you a more Indianized version of Momos.

Qutub Minar, New Delhi – Living the Tomb of Perfection

As soon as I reached Delhi, the first thing that came to my mind was to go and check out the Qutub Minar. It didn’t take a lot of pressure for me to reach Qutub Minar as it is one of the most popular destinations in New Delhi. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place as soon as I reached there. The whole place gives an idea on how magnificent the Mughal rule might have been.

The structure was surrounded by green gardens with colorful flowers, which made me click pictures instantly. Every other person who was there with me did the same. The Qutub Minar is a five-storied structure that is leveled to perfection by so many architectural fantasies. Some of which made me ponder over the architectural giants of the older age.

Qutub Minar New Delhi

Qutub Minar New Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Although I was bit fascinated by the beauty of the place, I never missed the chance to collect all the facts that books and tour guides don’t carry regarding this epic place. The tomb is said to be struck by lightning two times, which has affected a lot to the architectural design of the tomb. Emperor Feroze Shah Tughlaq re-built the top floor of the tomb when it was destroyed. The tomb is still a fabulous example of architectural masterpiece because even after withstanding for so many years it has no rust in it and still looks much younger.

There is a varied range of exotic street dishes to try for the foodies as well, of course, I, being an Indian is acquainted to all these but this definitely attracts people who have never seen it. I went for trying out the spicy sweet corn packed in a paper plate, which was too good. You barely need refreshments being at such a place, like me; I could go all day discovering every bit of the place without even getting tired.

Finally, I clicked the finest photographs for my travel diary and left the place. But as mentioned in books, I carried a lot of great memories from there and to be a little more honest the Qutub Minar is lot more than what it was described to me on books. What more could’ve a travel freak wanted out of a destination?

Photo of the day : Hotel Saravana Bhavan New Delhi

Hotel Saravana Bhavan New Delhi

Hotel Saravana Bhavan New Delhi | Image Resource: addspices.wordpress.com

Hotel Saravana Bhavan New Delhi: During our New Delhi visit, we decided to have our lunch at hotel Saravana Bhavan. Traditional food lovers would love this place. I had a delicious plate of fixed Thali. Later we ordered a Paneer Dosa. We had a great time at the hotel. This place is worth visiting.

Image of the week : India Gate New Delhi

India Gate New Delhi

India Gate New Delhi | Image Resource: realindiatrips.com

India Gate New Delhi: This place is close to every Indian. This is a memorial dedicated to the father of our nation “Mahatma Gandhi”. If you admire the noble philosophies of Gandhiji then a journey to this place will be quite satisfying for you. This is a beautiful monument and a must visit to all Delhi visitors.