Jehlum Resort Jammu – Perfected to Offer Best Hospitality

We could not believe our eyes and stood dumbstruck walking out of the platform, thanks to the exquisite beauty of the place. We could clearly spot the massive snow-capped mountains at far-off places. The weather was extremely pleasant as we were visiting during the summer, which was going to change. The freshness of the ambience combined with the smile of the local people and the unmatchable beauty of the surroundings clearly made me skip a bit. We had booked our stay via online at the Jehlum Resort.

Jehlum Resort Jammu

Jehlum Resort Jammu | Image Resource :

We knew that it was one of the best in town and thanks to the wonderful reviews given by various tourists. We hired a car from the station in order to reach the resort. The route from the station to the resort was simply a mind-blowing one. The lush-green outfields basking in the light of the sun peeping out of the massive mountains can’t be described in words.

The Jehlum Resort Jammu is situated close to the Bahu Plaza at Gandhinagar, which is extremely popular as a tourist destination. We were greeted warmly by the hotel staff and immediately felt as if we were in our very own home. We had booked two separate one-bedded deluxe rooms as both off us wanted to be completely cut off from anybody. I was extremely happy that we had booked our stay at this hotel.

Jehlum Resort

Jehlum Resort | Image Resource :

The elegance of the architecture and the warm hospitality of the hotel staff were simply amazing. After relaxing for a while on the couch, I chose to freshen up and have something for lunch as it was already 12 pm and I was feeling extremely hungry. Both of us met in the lobby and proceeded to the multi-cuisine restaurant food.

Jehlum Resort Room

Jehlum Resort Room | Image Resource :

The restaurant at the Jehlum Resort Jammu was good and we chose to try a combination of Mughlai and Indian dishes. I must say that the restaurants are extremely well decorated and maintain a team of trained and experienced waiters. The food was equally delicious as well. We dozed off after returning to our rooms. In the evening, we decided to take a look at the nearby places and markets.


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